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 "2008 Racing News "

Jerry Coons Jr. and Hoffman Auto Racing have been named non winged: Driver of the Year and Owner of the Year for 2008, respectively. This Honor was granted by the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame !  (more)

2008 USAC National Champions !

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The USAC banquet was held at the Indiana Rooftop Ballroom on 1/9/09.  It was a night of pride for the Team after achieving  another National Championship.  USAC did a great job picking the location and with the video portion of the ceremonies.  The video of the year for HAR and Jerry was great, thanks to the work of Dean Mills.  The Team stayed up way past our bed time.  We were honored to have Linda and Laura Hoffman, and Diane Waechter present.  What a fantastic night , one we will never forget. The attached photos highlight the night.


 The Cavalcade of Customs was held in Cincinnati from 1/9-1/11/09.  Two of the cars featured in the vintage car display were the famous 7 midget 1946 Kurtis restored and the Buick V6 driven by Rich Vogler and built by Rob. Some of the Team visited the show Saturday night.  The pictures show the cars on display and the lovely Linda Hoffman and Diane Waechter guarding the Buick.  

 Tim Waechter

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After a lay off of 18 months, 4th generation Hoffman, A.J. (Rob and lovely Laura’s youngest son, the Great One’s grandson) got back in a ¼ midget at Columbus. It was a typical ¼ midget day, long and cold.  A.J. started 9th in his heat race and worked his way to the front using a classic passing technique.  A.J. finished a stellar 2nd and qualified for the A Main.  A.J. started 3rd in the A Main, he and the car next to him got together at the start and they both had to go to the rear.  Again A.J. was stellar, the tires came in after a few green flag laps and he was moving to the front.  Unfortunately there were few green flag consecutive flaps.  A.J. was passing a car per lap and finished 5th.  Great job A.J. !!!

Many thanks to Hoosier tire for their help.    

Tim Waechter

VP Marketing Hoffman Racing

The last 2 weekends seem like a blur. Three nights of racing at Perris and two at Manzy were wild and crazy. The Team got to bed typically at 2-3 a.m. and up at 8-9 a.m. to turn the car around completing an . We are all tired and extremely proud and happy. Rob and I traveled back and forth joined by Tommy at Manzy.. Our friend Stan Apryasz (Stush) was able to make the entire trip and was a great help to Dan in the week in between events. Cowboy (Tim Woolfrum) was able to join us for Manzy. We clicked as a Team. Everyone had a job to do and did it well. Rob, Dan and Richard(The Great One) made great calls on set ups and adjustments. Jerry drove like he stole it. We are so proud of National Championship #9. I was able to talk about this great accomplishment on WLW radio last night with the Seg Man. Dan have a safe trip home. #10 in 2009!!!!!!!!!
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Tim Waechter

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The Feature was fast and furious and Jerry gave it all he had. Starting on the second row Jerry wasted no time going for the lead. Jerry and Tracy Hines battled early on and raced each other hard and clean. Later in the Feature Jessie Hockett took the lead and it looked like a solid win for him until he dropped a engine. When the race was restarted it was a battle between Jerry and Kevin Swindel. Jerry made a couple of attempts to get around him for the lead but Kevin was using most of the track and got the win. We can't complain about the CRA/USAC Western swing, we went out there with a 4 point advantage and left with the Championship. Jerry and the crew did a great job, especially Dan who packed and drove the rig out there, and will soon be on his way back. Have a safe trip Dan !

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A fifth place finish in tonight's Feature wrapped up our 9th USAC National Owner's Championship in the 19 years we have competed for it. Jerry brought the Kroger/P&G Mopar in 2nd in his heat and 5th in the Feature. Kudos go out to the whole crew, sponsors and driver. Its been a challenging season with some tough nights early on but everyone stuck in there.

USACLive.com is running the Final USAC Race of the season and the Western World Championship race Live on the internet Sat. the 8th the time difference is 2 hours.

Congratulations to Jerry Coons Jr. for wrapping up the USAC Silver Crown 2008 Driver's Championship yesterday & Sprint Championship today!

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We started the race from inside row 3 and had a real good car. It was a night of Flags some yellow and a some red. On a lap 17 red we adjusted the stagger and was running down both Stewarts car's, Tracy and Levi. Levi made a dive on Tracy and took them both out and Jerry got the lead. That was until lap 27 after a yellow, Hockett got the jump on Jerry so we settled for 2nd. A great night actually. We did not get caught up in anything and we did not run out of fuel ! Again the crews performance was fantastic, even Tim. The sponsor's logos stayed clean all night. I kid him but, turns out to be extra important as the race was taped for TV broadcast and we had a in car camera. We will keep you posted on the broadcast time. According to Jerry we should have some good shots as one time he seen a car go over his head. Next week is Jerry's home track Manzanita in Arizona. We doubled our lead last night but we can't let up !

Reported by: Tim Waechter , posted and embellished by the Webmaster.

Jerry got us off to a good start by qualifying second and making the "A" from the heat. The feature was a little scary, even for Halloween, Jerry had the fastest car and took a shot for the lead that led to some bicycling, but recovered with no damage and went on to finish 3rd. Tonight will be run by points earned, we are leading the points so according to calculations we should start "5". Kudos to the fine job the team is doing. Forgot to mention yesterday that Richard is out there, with his wife Linda to keep him in line "Stusch" has been here for the weekend helping as well. Tim is doing a good job of keeping the mud off the sponsors 'Logos" no job is unimportant!

Reported by: Tim Waechter , posted and embellished by the Webmaster.

A late pill put us 64th to qualify in a 67 car field. Rob and Dan put a good car on the track, Fast in hot laps and 4th quick in qualifying. Starting last in the heat was a challenge and we missed the feature by one spot after a spin. A 4th in the heat was a challenge and we missed the feature by one spot a after a spin. A 4th in the "B" main started us 7th in the feature  Jerry moved the car up to 4th in the feature and after many delays by spins and crashes he finished there. The good news is we picked up close to 40 points on the championship with only 4 nights to go ! We have been chasing the lead all year and we won't quit until the last lap is run at Manzi !

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The Team got “the old girl” loaded up last night and Dan headed West.  The pictures depict what an engineering feat it is to load up 2 complete cars, 1 partial car(hanging up side down) , tires, fuel and all the spare parts needed to win a National Championship.  Determination would be a mild word to describe the Team’s sole focus on this trip out West.  Be safe Dan .  See you in Perris.

Tim Waechter

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It was a beautiful day for the last MidWest race of the 2008 season. We ran about the same times in hot laps that we had run in testing, 14.5’s.  Our quick time was good enough for 5th quick in hot laps, a good place to be in qualifying.  That did not translate to qualifying time however.  We developed a fuel pick up problem during qualifying, causing Jerry to run a fast time of 14.637 only good for 11th quick.  We had about an hour before heat races to find the issue.  Rob and Dan went to work checking out the system.  All the filters looked good .  Rob then put his arm down the fuel tank and found that the strap that holds the tube to the bottom of the tank had broken.  This caused the fueling tube in the tank to float and cause intermittent fuel starvation problems.  The car was ready for the 2nd heat race.  Jerry started inside 2nd row , had the lead by lap 3 and raced off to the win, fuel system fixed.  We started 10th in the 30 lap A Main.  Jerry made an immediate pass for P9 on lap 1.  Jerry was catching P 7 & 8 by the yellow on lap 12.  He got past the 27 car and finished P8.  The combination of qualifying, heat race and A Main finishes were good enough to take the points lead heading into the West swing starting 10/30.  The Team is totally focused on this Championship!!!!!!!!

Sunday was a great day for catching up with old friends.  Steve Butler hung out all day and it was great to see him again and relive glories from the past.  It was also great to see our beloved web master( well sometimes) Paul Gretzinger, and his friends Larry and Larry.  

 Tim Waechter

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 Another beautiful day in the Midwest greeted us at Eldora.  One week ago the wind storm hit the greater Cincinnati area causing serious damage and wide spread power outages.  The race shop is still without power a week later.  Dan has been working under difficult conditions, but as always the car and all equipment was ready to go.  The format for the night included hot laps and group qualifying by Division.  The Sprint car groups were made up of 9-10 cars.  We ran a quick time of 16.6 in hot laps.  The track was obviously detererorating and our fast time in group qualifying was 16.8, good for 6th quick.  A number of changes were made before the heat race including rear tire changes, stagger change and shock changes.  Starting inside the 4th row next to Levi , Jerry showed patience in waiting for the cars starting in the front to sort out  , did some slide jobs and moved to a transferring 3rd place finish.  We lost contact with Levi when we got stuck behind an old friend of ours who seems to be all over the track.  Since one car did not make it to the A Main we started outside front row instead of the pole position.  Brad Sweet beat Jerry into turn 2 , did a slide job and we were in 2nd.  Brad was gone and so were we opening a big lead over 3rd, 4th and 5th place cars.  Jerry adjusted his line a bit after the lap 10 red flag.  Mike Brecht running the #9 car that has done so well at the Big E came on strong in the latter stages of the race and passed Jerry on lap 18.  We finshed a strong 3rd .  It was a good points night as we pulled within 9 points of the leading Stewart # 20.  The Team has worked hard to win this Championship having tested last Wednesday at Winchester in preparation of this weeks race.  See you there!!!!! 

Tim Waechter

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Ron Laymon Photos

Car show at Kroger Tylersville Rd in Cincinnati- a great success!


It was a quick turn around from Salem for Dan, Rob and Tommy to head to Iowa(Dan’s home state where he is famous or is it infamous).  The car was ready to load and to leave at 6:00pm Monday. We drew pill #61, which put us in heat race 3 starting in 7th position.  There was no qualifying and starting positions for the qualifying races and A Main were determined by passing points in the heat races.  There wasn’t much passing in heat race 3 , we finished 5th . Jerry started outside front row in qualifying race number 1 and ran away with a win.  He dominated the race , leading the 2nd place car by ¾ of a straightaway. Rob and Dan made a few adjustments to the car for the A Main.  Our accumulated passing points had us starting 10th. The car was a rocket ship from the drop of the green.  Jerry advanced to P7 in 3 laps.  After the first red flag the car wasn’t nearly as good.  Jerry relayed to Rob that the car quit working.  It was determined that the right rear had “sealed over”.  Rob sipped the tire on the track.  It helped as Jerry had worked his way to P3 by the red on lap 25.  At this point the tire had blistered badly.  Rob and Dan put good old American ingenuity to work and ran a cord to the car from the pits and put the grinder to the tire.  We had nothing for Dave or Swindell but no one was pushing us for 3rd either.  We are now a mere 13 points out of first palace in the National Championship hunt.  Good luck to Jerry in IMW.  A long lay off now before the 4 Crowns at the Big E.

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We left the race shop at 10:30 a.m., arrived at Salem around 1:00pm and left for home at 10:00 p.m. In the interim a race broke out.  We are not complaining, our fellow competitors with midgets got little to no sleep.  When we tested at Salem our quick time was 15.995.  We improved on that time in the first hot lap session, running a 15.8.  Changing tires, putting on another set of stickers, the car went to heck.  We were running times in the 16 second bracket, 16.4 was the best.  Following a preplan for the race, the Team changed rear shocks putting on another set of Advanced shocks for qualifying.  Jerry ran a 16.013 only good for 12th quick, 0.4 off quick time.   Starting 3rd in heat race 3, we lost a spot to 4th and gained it back finishing 3rd.  The car still wasn’t good. A third set of rear shocks were put on the car for our  starting  position of 12th in the A Main.  It became a survival game as 2 red flags flew during the 50 lap feature.

Jerry worked his way to P 10 by the yellow on lap 7 and 4 more spots via the red flag on lap 9.  Jerry did a great job of missing the wreck in turn 4.   A stagger change was made on the red flag along with a little fuel added.  The 2nd red flag flew on lap 39 , the stagger was reduced during this stop.  At this point the right rear was giving up and Jerry held on for a 6th place finish.  We picked up a few points on TSR # 20 and rolled the car on the trailer, those were positives.  Dan and Rob leave tonight to begin the trip to Oskaloosa Iowa for the Tuesday night race.  Good luck guys, be safe.

  Tim Waechter

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The final night of ISW gave us a chance of winning ISW 2008 and close in on the National points lead.  The night ended up a disappointment but the 8th place finish could not take away from the 2 wins during ISW 2008.  Jerry went out late in qualifying and turned a quick time of 13.418 , good for 8th quick.  Jerry started 7th in the 4th heat race.  He got up to 4th by lap 6 and got into a heated battle with Cole Whitt for the transfer spot.  The two made contact and Jerry got some serious air , the car did not get over for a 2nd night in a row.  The crew headed back to repair the car, feeling that there had to be at least serious damage to the rear end.  Jerry got restarted and pulled a heck of a move high on the track, passed 3 cars and finished 4th to transfer to the A Main. What a move!!!!  We started 8th in the A Main and got to 5th by lap 18 but could not advance further and lost some positions late in the race to finish 8th. Some shock damage was discovered after the race which could have contributed to the 8th place finish. We finished 3rd in ISW standings 20 from the winner Levi Jones.  We also lost a few points toward the National Championship but remain within striking distance 57 points out.  There are 10 races to go .  The 2 week break before Salem is welcomed to the crew.  Good luck to Sam Pierce racing as he will carry our sponsors at ORP this week in the Silver Crown race. 

Tim Waechter

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A great couple of nights was capped off with a close finish and the 72nd National win for the winningest Team in USAC Sprint Car history.  Jerry went out 37th but still was able to run a fast lap of 11.194 good for 3rd quick only .06 off fast time.  Heat 3 presented the Team with a big challenge.  On the 2nd try to start the race Jerry was forced high by another car and ran off the top of the track and tipped the car over.  The result was a bent front pan hard bar, Jacobs ladder, body and hood damage. The Team thrashed to get the car ready for the B Main.  Starting 3rd in the B Main Jerry worked his way up to 2nd by lap 4 running the low way around and finished a strong 2nd

Rob and Dan made some major changes to the car for the A Main trying to keep up with the track.  Jerry started 3rd, dropped to 4th by lap 3.  On lap 6 he got by Levi and held that position until lap 21 when he moved to 2nd.  Jerry took the lead with some great driving on lap 24 and held off a hard charging Levi to win in a thriller.  Jerry was running high and Levi low.  Jerry got a great charge off turn 4 and rocketed to the win. 

The win puts us only 24 points out of the lead for the owner’s championship and only 6 points for Jerry and the Team out of 1st for the ISW Championship.  Tomorrow it all comes down to Haubstadt.    

Tim Waechter

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Can we run here every week ?  For the second year in a row the famous #69 won the ISW race at Kamp Motorspeedway in Boswell Indiana.  The decision was made to build the car that won here last year.  It was sitting in the paint shop ready to go with a whole body painted.  Thanks to Dan for doing a great job in the few off days to build the car. The car was among the fastest in hot laps.  Qualifying late in the session, Jerry ran a time of 13.126 good for 6th quick and 0.3 off fast time.  Heat race 2 saw Jerry start 7th and quickly work his way to the front but had nothing for Clausson, finished 2nd and transferred. Jerry took the lead from the pole and dominated the race, leading every lap.  He consistently ran laps faster than Tracy Hines by 0.3 seconds.  Jerry got to lapped traffic quickly and was able to clear them , lapped up to P 14, for a comfortable victory over our friend Tracy. Tonight to Bloomington where we have had good runs in the past.  Ready for another victory.  Way to go Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Tim Waechter

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After turning the car around following the first round at Gas City, we learned that the 4th night of ISW was cancelled due to bad weather. The Team put the schedule together for the remainder of the day. Pick up the spare car from Sam’s, drop the trailer, have lunch, go to church and return to the hotel room to watch the IRL and Nascar races. Details will not be revealed to protect the “not so innocent” , but the Team version of “picture next to picture’ was quite interesting and will be a good story for a long time.

Jake drew another fantastic pill and we were in the first hot lap session. The track was too slimy to get a good handle on the car. The car was good in qualifying as we went out third and ran a 13.109 good for 5th quick. There were a number of changes pre-planned to make before the heat race including new rear shocks and a change of right front spring. Starting in the back with 8 inverted in the heat we basically could make no progress and did not transfer. We started outside front row to our old friend Tracy Hines in the B Main and finished 3rd behind Tracy and Bryan Clauson.

The A Main saw us again outside front row starting position. Jerry charged to the lead only to see a red flag fly. Jerry got the lead in turn 2 on the restart but Stanbrough came flying by us. Jerry had a great duel with Tracy for a number of laps but we fell to 6th by the lap 13 yellow. Jerry was running low in 1&2 and high in 3&4. By lap 20 Jerry was running low in all 4 corners and running 7th by the lap 28 red flag. The finish was a mess and controversial with Ballou and Jones flipping on the main straight . Our official comments will only be that we were scored 6th. A few days of needed down time will not be a time of rest for Dan as we are considering a car change for Boswell.

It always seems to rain at Gas City and this was no exception.  Two hot lap sessions were run and rain hit causing both hot lap sessions to be rerun.  We were in group 2.  Some big changes were made for qualifying including stagger, bar and radius rod heights.  Jerry was 12 th quick 0.2 off quick time running a 12.649.  The heat race saw us starting 6th in a very loaded heat.  Jerry did a masterful job of driving and had the lead by lap 3 and ran away for the win. 

 Jerry started 11th in the A Main after a start and restart we were up to 9th.  We got up to as high as P7 before getting in a 5 way god fight and dropping to a 9th place finish.

 Tim Waechter

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A better pill draw (thanks Jake) put us in the 16th spot to qualify.  The track was still very slimy for hot laps so it was difficult to tell how the car was performing.  Rob made a gutsy call for qualifying and made a big stagger change.  It worked as Jerry ran a 13.527 which was fast time when we ran it and we ended up 4th quick.  We drew a very tough heat.  The top 8 were inverted and it was tough getting through traffic and catching the lead cars.  We finished 6th and did not transfer to the A Main.  A gear change was made before the B Main.  Jerry started inside of row 2 and was in the lead by lap 4, running laps of 13.7, and won the race. We started 3rd in the A Main.  The original start was ugly and we got trapped on the restart dropping to 4th by lap 2.  Jerry tried several lines , high in all 4 turns, high in 1 &2, low in 3&4.  By lap 21 we were catching the cars running 2nd and 3rd.  Jerry was pressing those cars when the checkered flew for a 4th place finish.  A good points night for us as TSR had an unusual tough night.  On  to Gas City for 2 nights starting tonight.

 Tim Waechter

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The draw of the pill is so important in most dirt racing. The first night of Indiana Sprint Week was no exception. Our draw of #55 put us in the second to last group to qualify. The track started to slow after about 12 cars had qualified. Our time of 13.485 was good for the 13th quick time and very competitive for the track we were facing. Grip on the straightaways was about gone by the time we qualified.

Jerry started 5th in heat one after the crew made tire pressure , bar and shock changes. The car was a rocket ship in the heat. Jerry did a great job working through traffic and had the lead by lap 4. Jerry won the race by a very comfortable margin beating among others Jones , Ballou, Messeraul and Kuhn.

After such a great heat race we were confident in the A Main even though we were starting 11th. The car was tight at the drop of the green flag and Jerry dropped to 14th by the lap 6 yellow. Jerry worked his way to 11th by the red flag on lap 7. The red was caused by a traffic jam on the main straight and contact between several cars including the #69. An inspection of the car from outside the track revealed no apparent damage . At the restart Jerry tried the high line for about 8 laps and then ran high in 1 &2 and low in 3 & 4. The car was “not right” after the red flag. A post race inspection revealed a bent right front shock from contact . The 11th place finish was not the kind of start we wanted for Sprint Week. We will be back at it tonight after a short night and maintenance on the car.

Tim Waechter

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Some weeks ago we were told that our National win total was 69 rather than the 71 we had counted.  Enough said about that as long as all the National wins are counted the same for everyone.  We “officially” reached that milestone Friday night with a domineering win at RIR.

One big key to the win was that the car was close to perfect when it left the shop.  Congratulations to Rob and Dan for a great setup.  We literally made only  minor air pressure adjustments all day and night.  We were 3rd quick in the first practice session with a 20.08.  We changes tires and ran a 19.7 on the 2nd lap and parked the car.  We had only run 8 laps of practice.  That has to be some kind of record for us.  Since qualifying was cancelled due to rain the practice times were used for qualifying times.  We were informed of this by USAC before we went out to practice.  Our time of 19.727 was second quick behind Brady Bacon at a 19.667. 

The feature was 2 -30 lap segments, with a break to refuel and check tire pressures.  The start of the first segment saw Jerry get a good jump but Brady ran him up the track in 1&2.  Coming out of turn 4 Jerry tried a pass low, got cut off and went high making contact with the 99 car and sending him spinning.  This was a racing incident, an accident for which Jerry, as always, showed tremendous class apologizing in victory circle.  The restart saw the 9 car on the pole.  The  same kind of start with Sweet in the lead.  The 67k car driven by Shane Hmiel this weekend was by Jerry and in the lead.  We were running 3rd.  Jerry showed great patience by letting the leaders burn up their tires while he was cruising with them in sight.  By lap 13 we were catching the 9 car with the 07 on our bumper.  The car was coming on strong by lap 18 and running 2nd to Hmiel.  Jerry took the lead on lap 29 , just before the break. 

The car was refueled and right side tires adjusted and we were off with a great start on lap 31.  The 07 car eventually dropped out and Tracy Hines was running 2nd.  We pulled away with every restart and dominated the last 10 laps. A great Team victory. 

We drove home all night with a great win to celebrate. 

 I want to recognize our Team for coming to the aid of Brady Sweet when his car pulled in the pits with the car and Brady on fire.  Dan Launderville grabbed Brady from the roll cage and helped put out the fire getting a minor burn in the process. Fierce competitors are also a member of a tight community, there to help each other.  

Tim Waechter

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More photo at these links:  (I (Luv Racing 1)       ((Luv Racing 2)

The song “Oh what a night” has been in my head since Saturday night at Eldora.  Maybe “oh what a year” would be more appropriate.  We were competitive in hot laps running laps in the 15.6 range.  This was as good as anyone we clocked.  A person, who will go unnamed, drew a bad pill again, third from last. Jerry took the green flag and looked good through 1 & 2, an issue  developed under the hood on the backstretch and Jerry was unable to complete a qualifying lap.  The crew got to work and decided an engine change was in order.  The entire change took 23 minutes, not bad for a Team not used to changing motors at the track.  Great work by Rob, Dan, Richard, Jerry and thanks to Tracy Hines for the help as well.  We got a push off to check the spare motor for leaks.  Because we had no qualifying time we started on the tail of heat 1.  Jerry was in P5 by lap 2 and pushing Levi when a yellow flew on lap 5.  Jerry got by Levi and finished a strong 3rd.  This placed us in the A Main without taking a provisional, but again we had to start last.  By the lap 3 yellow we had passed 3 cars.  Another yellow on lap 3 saw us in 17th.  Lap 4 saw “the big one” in turn 1 & 2.  Four cars flipped and Jerry got the car slowed but got pushed into the pile by cars behind us.  The left nerf bar was pushing on the left rear and the front end had some damage to a flag on the front axle.  The crew went to work again replacing the nerf bar and repairing the front end as best as could be done.  Jerry drove hard making numerous passes working his way to as high as 7th place by lap 19.  Numerous yellows slowed his progress.  During the restart on lap 24 we had a failure in the front end probably due to the wreck and we were done. The 16th place finish was not indicative of how good a car we had and how hard everyone worked , the result being another miserable finish.   The next race is in Richmond Virginia.  We will be back as determined as ever. 

Thanks to Ryan Newman for stopping by and visiting with us.  It is always great to see him.


Tim Waechter

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The hot lap sessions got faster due to a clean track from all the rain in the MidWest recently. We were 7th quick in hot laps with a time of 14.495. Fast time was a 14.1. Jerry ran a fast time in qualifying of 14.495 good for 7th fast. The difference in time between us and 2nd quick was .26 of a second. Three heats were run. Jerry started outside front row due a car not able to make the call. Jerry was in the lead by lap 2 , his was hotly pursued by Chris Windom but the rest of the filed was at a distance. Jerry was able to hold off Windom for the win. We started 7th in the A Main. The car was loose in turn 2 and bottoming out in the turns. The first yellow allowed Rob and Jerry to talk and adjust the car raising the rear end. We were running laps of 14.7 and 14.8. We moved to 5th place with the yellow in lap 16 for a wreck involving 2 cars ahead of us. Another yellow on lap 18 saw us in 5th , but we lost a spot when the green flew again to the 07 car. A red flag flew on lap 21 involving our old friend Tracy Hines. Thankfully Tracy was okay after a series of nasty flips. That incident also involving the 07 car moved us up to 3rd place which is where we finished with a large gap back to 4th place. We clearly had a good car and Jerry did a great job missing the wrecks . Jerry is getting more comfortable with Winchester and we look forward to our last visit there later this year. A great crowd enjoyed an entertaining race. Tonight is our first trip to Shady Bowl.

Tim Waechter

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Hagerstown Speedway  Hagerstown, PA June 7, 2008

Last year the track at Hagerstown was dry/ slick.  Rob and Dan had talked and decided to be ready for the same track conditions this year using some data from when JJ Yeley drove for us and tracks were dry/slick.  This turned out to not be the ideal set up because the track prep this year was very good and there was a cushion all night.  This hurt our qualifying time as we were about 0.5 off the fast time, only good for 12 th fast.   Changes were made before the heat race and the car was obviously very good.  Jerry started 4th in the heat and had the lead by lap 2 and ran away for a victory.  Lap times in the heat were better than qualifying times.  The question before the A Main was how free to make the car.  Jerry used the low groove to his advantage early and was 6th by lap 1.  The track did deteriorate  during the A Main and Jerry did a great job finishing a strong 3rd after starting 12th.  It was a good points night for us, moving to 3rd in owner’s points and within striking distance of 1st.  Congratulations to Dan for doing a great job during the Pa swing.  Rob, Richard and Tim could not make the trip.  Thanks to Tommy , Jake and Stush for their hard work.  Another big week this week with 2 pavement races and Eldora Saturday night.  The Team may also go to the open test at Lawrenceburg on Tuesday.

Tim Waechter

VP Marketing Hoffman Racing                (Photos by Paul Arch)

The fans at Big Diamond Raceway were treated to some real open wheel action in a feature that was decided on the last lap. Jerry qualified 2nd quick and transferred from the 2nd heat. This was no easy feat after being caught in someone else's mishap that sent him to the back with some slight damage, he still managed 3rd.  Jerry started 4th in the feature and got all he could out of the Kroger/P&G "69"  lost 1 position after the last yellow and finished a respectable 5th.

Grandview features will not be made up tonight, points were awarded for the night up to the "B" main. The eastern swing will end tomorrow at Hagerstown. Md.

Williams Grove Speedway PA) Afternoon rain and the prospect of severe weather during the evening forced officials to cancel the USAC sprint car and ARDC midget races scheduled for Wednesday night, June 4, at Williams Grove Speedway There is no makeup date for the program.
Tonight we had fast time.  Did not transfer through heat 1, a car stopped right if front of Jerry, no damage but not enough time to get to the front.  With quick time we started on the pole of the B Main and stayed there wire to wire. Would have started 6th in the A Main but rain came and it rained out the feature.  As of now word is It will be run Friday night.  Next stop Williams Grove tonight.

One got away  at the Action Track Thursday night. We were good in hot laps being within 0.2 of the fast time we clocked.  Qualifying in mid- pack, Jerry ran a quick time of 20.128 ,good for 5th quick, fast time by Tracy was 19.979.  Jerry started in the rear of the 1st heat race , a heat including the likes of Tracy Hines.  Jerry took the lead by lap 2 , running the car hard into 1 &2, blowing them away.  Tracy got by traffic but had nothing for Jerry as he won going away.  With the invert we started outside front row for the A Main.  Jerry took the lead and led lap 1.  He got a not so friendly nudge from Mr Jones in turn 2 and fell to 3rd as he gathered in the car.  Jerry took the lead from 3rd spot on a restart on lap 10 and was on his way.  A great battle ensued with Levi Jones.  Jerry pulled away in turns 1&2, while Levi made up some ground in 3, but Jerry rocketed down the front stretch.  A red flag flew on lap 18, we heard the left rear tire bleeding off.  On the restart Jerry had to come in with a flat left rear tire.  Dan quickly changed the tire and Jerry drove hard the remaining laps , spinning once and passing the same cars a number of times.  A 9th place finish is not indicative of how good the car was or how hard and smart Jerry drove .  We are not sure what happened to the tire, there did not appear to be a hole.  Looking for a change of luck in the Pa. swing.

Tim Waechter


The day at Anderson started with a long practice session for the Little 500. We were running about 2 tenths off the top speeds posted and trying hard to get the car dialed in. During the USAC practice for the race tonight we got the car a little better but still a bit behind fast time. Jerry posted a 11.44 which was good for 10th quick. The program was run so that the top 6th were locked in to the 100 lap Feature and the rest were divided into 2-heat races. Jerry started on the outside pole in his race and held a solid 2nd place through a couple of restarts. He ran a very good preliminary race. We were scheduled to start 10th in the Feature but a couple of cars did not make the start, and that moved us up to 8th. Jerry was running a good race and the car was handling well. He was running 6th and had fast race car at that point and tried to pass at every opportunity. But a short track like Anderson can be tough to pass on. It all came apart anyway when a multi-car melee unfolded just ahead of Jerry on lap 78. The accident could not be avoided and the car could not be repaired in time to get more laps. It was just a racing thing and we don't quit. We are already focusing on the big track at Terra Haute with the dirt car tomorrow and expect to have a great report from there. We have the driver we have the horsepower !

Go Jerry and Crew !

Reported by cell phone by Tim Waechter to the webmaster.

Lady luck frowned on us again Saturday night at the Big E. We were good in hot laps, as fast as anyone we clocked. Changes were made to stagger for qualifications and Jerry cut 2 great laps. The fastest was a 15.404, good for 2nd quick, behind Brady Short. Starting in the back of heat race 2, Jerry ran a low line initially and picked up 3 spots in lap 1. Jerry used slide jobs to move to the front and was in the lead in a tough heat race by lap 4. He ran away for an impressive win. A stagger change was made for the A Main with a tire change on both rear tires. We started 5th in the feature and Jerry got off to a good start running 4th on lap 1. Lap 5 brought out a red flag, we were running 3rd. A penalty to Levi Jones put us 2nd on the restart. Jerry immediately began to lose spots. A yellow brought Jerry to the pits with a flat left rear tire. The bracket that attaches the bleeder to the left rear was completely torn off the car causing the flat. No one could recall seeing that happen before. Jerry starting last on the restart and moved forward working his way to 16th by lap 9. He eventually got to 11th by the checkered flag. Dan did a great job changing the left rear , but the tire that was the spare did not give the car the same stagger . The car was beaten up, with a kick panel destroyed, sail plate bent and the hood cracked. We are ready to turn things around at Anderson and Terre Haute on the 21st and 22nd.

Tim Waechter

VP Marketing Hoffman Racing

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It is always interesting to visit a new venue.  The rains that hit the area the night before the race made the pit area challenging to say the least.  The track was worked and in pretty good shape. We were competitive in hot laps with the Teams we clocked.  We drew pretty much middle of the pack for qualifying.  The track was definitely deteriorating as qualifying progressed.  Jerry ran the low side in qualifying both laps, running a quick time of 14.579 good for a tie for 6th quick.  Since Robert Ballou ran the time first, he was credited with 6th quick time.  We started 7th in  heat race 3.  Jerry showed great patience during the entire heat race.  He ran the low groove again around the entire track.  He was 4th in 2 laps and in a 3 way battle for the win.  Jerry came away with the victory, the car was a rocket especially coming off turn 4.  One of the cars that out qualified us did not make the race, which put us on the pole for the feature.  Hopes for the 1st victory of the season were high.  Jerry ran the low line leading the first 2 laps and regaining the lead on lap 4.  We had dropped to P4 by the yellow on lap 7.  The launch off the corners was not there for the feature and we finished 7th.  So far not the start of the year we had anticipated.  The good news is that there is a long year to go and we are heading next weekend to two of our favorite tracks, Bloomington and Eldora.  See you at the races.    

Tim Waechter

Retail Operations Account Executive


A beautiful day in Winchester was a sharp contrast to the weather a week ago.  Hot laps saw us turning a fast lap of 14.5, which was 0.3 behind the fastest times.  A few changes were made before qualifying, 2 springs a small air pressure adjustment, in an attempt to correct a push condition.  Going out early in qualifying, Jerry ran a fast lap of 14.623.  This was good for 9th quick time almost 0.5 off the fast time of 14.1. Three heats were run  , we were in the 3rd heat starting 4th.  The car continued to push in the heat and Jerry held on to finish 3rd.  No semi was run since all the 25 cars were going to run the feature.  USAC did a great job moving the program along .  Starting 9th in the field we were 10th coming off turn 2 of lap 1.  At the first yellow Jerry, Rob and Richard talked about on board adjustments to make the car better.  Shock and weight jacker adjustments were made to try and loosen up the car.  At the drop of the green we lost 2 more positions before turn 2.  A yellow flew at lap 23 and it was obvious the prior adjustments on the car did not work.  The car was very tight in turns 3&4.  Jerry was able to gain a few spots before the checkered flew for an 11th place finish.  After 2 testing sessions the finish was a big disappointment for the Team.  We will be back at it this Saturday at a new track for us, Brownstown Indiana.  See you at the races. (more photos)

 Tim Waechter

VP Marketing Hoffman Racing

Mother Nature caused havoc for two days in a row. The truck left at 6:00a.m. for Winchester. It was beautiful in Cincinnati but the closer to Winchester we got the worse the weather got. We did get on the track for warm ups and to help keep the track dry. It began to rain harder and the track was “lost” and the race called off early in the afternoon. The race is rescheduled for next Sunday 4/27. Winchester is a very tough track for the crews to load and unload as the haulers are parked outside and there is only one way to get in and out.
The weather called for a chance of rain. We stayed in Daleville Indiana, about 20 miles from the track. This location is conveniently located to the track and Sam Pierce’s race shop where we turn the car around in between races. We can not thank Sam enough for use of his race shop , it is a tremendous help. During lunch we got a call from a friend who was at the track and informed us that the race was cancelled. Evidently it rained hard for a few minutes at Gas City. It seemed very early to call the race.

Do It Yourself carbon fiber wind screen.

By: Dan Launderville

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The first held race of the season started out by a pill draw (the person who pulled the pill will go unnamed) of 71. This ended up being second last in the qualifying lineup of 46 cars . The track went to heck about 15 cars from when we qualified. You could see the times deteriorate , as only one car in that group was under the 14 second mark. Our best time in hot laps was 13.03, very competitive. Our qualifying time was 14.014 good for 28th fast. Cars and drivers slower than us included Hagen, Darland , Hines and Short. Starting outside front row in heat race #4 Jerry took the lead on the restart and ran away from a good filed of cars. Jerry was running in the 13.10 area during the heat. The poor qualifying time put us in 19th starting position in the A Main. Jerry moved up to 17th by the lap 3 yellow, on the restart another yellow in turn 4 with Jerry doing a great job missing it. Jerry was running 15th when a car cut him off coming out of turn 2 and we were hit in the rear and spun into the infield on lap 11. On the restart there was a red flag with the flipping car just missing landing on top of the Kroger/Tide car. During the red flag Rob called the car into the work area and we changed rear tires and started last again. On the restart the car was a rocket ship with Jerry passing cars and eventually finishing 11th. Traffic eventually blocked the track and hampered Jerry moving forward late in the race. Considering the fact that we went to the back twice and just missed two other wrecks, not a bad result.
Tim Waechter

VP Marketing Hoffman Racing

Photos From http:/www.greggobst.com  (great site w/more pic's check it out)


ROSSBURG, OH (April 4) – Heavy overnight Thursday rains inundated an already saturated surface and in the interest of safety and concern for the race teams, Eldora Speedway officials have reached a decision to postpone Saturday’s (April  5) planned race meet.
            On the agenda was the annual Jud Larson/Don Branson Classic for non-winged USAC (United States Auto Club) Sprint Cars, Moser UMP (United Midwestern Promoters) Modifieds and Advance Auto Parts Stock Cars.   That entire program has been moved to Saturday, May 10.


Due to fuel prices in excess of $4.00 a gallon and stagnant purses we are scaling down the transportation end of our program.   
In actuality these pictures are of our spare car at Ham Signs in Dayton, OH.   The car is awaiting stripes and decals to accompany the beautiful paint work by our in house artisan Richard, a.k.a. the Great one.  See you at Eldora!    

The annual open house and fish fry was held on March 21st in conjunction with  BARC.  As always it was a great time with lots of bench racing and story telling.  It is amazing how stories grow over time. As the pictures show this years cars and   , the famous “7” midget and the Buick V6 were  on display for all to enjoy.  Be sure to mark next year’s event on your calendar. 

Tim Waechter

VP Marketing Hoffman Racing



We hope all the race fans are having a great off season. The shop has been a busy place, with Dan running the everyday business of a race team. In the off season Dan is busy ordering new cars, new parts, selling used motors, cars and parts, building cars etc. . Dan is extremely organized and keeps the Team going. Richard has been busy in the body shop with late nights and the usual frustrations of trying to make every paint job perfect. As the pictures indicate, the cars are beautiful as always. Two of the dirt cars have been powder coated , bodies are painted and ready for design and decals. A new F5 should be delivered any day now and then a decision has to be made to start the year with last year’s new car or the 2008 new car. The pavement cars are in good shape. The primary Beast is being built and should be ready to start any day now. We plan to test with the pavement car in March if weather allows. Rob and engineering have been busy looking for the competitive edge. Big Al has the front ends ready to go and I am pitching in where needed with my limited skill set. Dan and I have had some interesting sessions putting bladders in tail tanks. It reminds us of the monkey and the football. Ed has been busy rebuilding the old 4 wheeler. All in all we seem to be in good shape in preparing for a championship season in 2008. April at Eldora will be here before we all know it. We wish the best to all the race fans.

Tim Waechter

VP Marketing Hoffman Racing
Loveland, OH (Dec 11, 2007) -- Hoffman Auto Racing(HAR), the winningest Team in the history of USAC National Sprint Car Racing with 8 USAC National Sprint Car Championships, and 72 National feature wins, announced today that USAC veteran and defending 2 time USAC National Midget
Champion Jerry Coons Jr. will return to drive the famous #69 on dirt and also pavement in 2008.

Jerry Coons Jr. is a native of Tuscon Arizona. Jerry is one of USAC’s most talented and popular drivers. He won 3 USAC National races for HAR in 2007 including 2 dominating performances at Manzanita to end the season. Jerry won the 2006 and 2007 USAC National Midget Championship in the Wilke Pak car after finishing in the runner up spot in 2005. Jerry finished 9th in the USAC National Sprint car Championship even though he primarily only ran the dirt races.
“I am looking forward to returning in 2008 and I am very excited to run for a Sprint Car championship both for myself and for the Hoffman Team” said Jerry Coons Jr.

“ We have had much success with Jerry since 2005. He , Rob (Hoffman) and Dan (Launderville) are communicating well and winning races. We believe Jerry is on top of his game and gives us a great shot to win our 9th National Championship as well as Jerry’s first. Jerry is a pleasure to work with , he drives the car hard each and every race. We believe that the Team’s performance at Manzanita was a sign of things to come in 2008.” said Richard Hoffman, President of Hoffman Auto Racing.

“2007 was a learning year for us. We ran new shocks, a new mandated right rear tire, and tried some other changes. We believe we have a good handle on things for 2008 and are ready to win with Jerry right out of the gate” said Rob Hoffman, V.P. of Engineering HAR.

Hoffman Auto Racing (HAR) competes in the Sprint Car and Silver Crown Divisions of the United States Auto Club (USAC). HAR was founded in 1929 by August (Gus) Hoffman. Three generations of Hoffman’s are involved with the Team HAR is the all time leader in USAC National Sprint Car Team victories with 72, and National Championships with 8. HAR also has 7 Silver Crown victories, for a total of 79 National wins. HAR celebrates 79 years of competition in 2008.

Highlights of the Team’s history include:
- 1929-1960 Gus campaigned Sprint Cars and Midgets, his drivers included Eddie Sachs, and Don Branson
- 1964 Gus’s son Richard became co-owner of the Team
- 1973-1984 HAR fielded Indy Cars, including 7 Indy 500 starts
- 1989 HAR won the first of 8 USAC National Sprint Car Championships with Rob Hoffman as the crew chief(’92,’93,’96,’97,’99,’02,’04)
- HAR is the winingest Team in USAC Sprint Car history
- 2003 recognized for excellence by the Ohio State Senate and House of Representatives
- HAR has finished in the top 3 in USAC National Sprint Car owners points 15 times since 1989

Drivers of note:
Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Tracy Hines, JJ Yeley, Kasey Kahne, Kenny Irwin Jr, Rich Vogler, Dave Darland, Johnny Parsons Jr., Tim Richmond, Jay Drake, Brian Tyler, Robbie Stanley, Eric Gordon, Steve Butler , Jerry Coons Jr. Ryan Newman and Dave Steele.
Primary sponsorship will continue from Kroger and Tide, with associate sponsorship from MOPAR, Bounty and Pringles.

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing Hoffman Auto Racing

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