Founded in 1929 by  
August "Gus" Hoffman (Old Timer)

 "Sprint Car"

The Hoffman Team celebrates 2012 Ocala Winternationals Victory

Darren Hagen brings Hoffman Racing its 79th USAC National Win


"Our Crew"

Rob Hoffman

Dan Launderville Al Janson Tim Waechter
The best driver and crew chief in the world cannot win if the car is not properly prepared at the shop.  As crew chief, I am responsible for communicating with the driver and making the decisions on race setups determined by track conditions and driver input.  But the real unsung heroes of Hoffman Auto Racing are the guys that do the work at the shop and at the track.  Dan Launderville anchors the crew as the only full time employee of Hoffman Auto Racing. He is responsible for our organization, record keeping, maintenance, and has become quite a fabricator. Al Janson is the most senior member of the crew having grown up with my father, Richard Hoffman. Al takes care of the front-end assemblies, light machine work, anything electrical, and the braking systems.  Tom Hoffman, my uncle, makes sure the cars are clean and looking their best before each race. He does anything that is asked of him to make sure we get to the track! . Tim Waechter is our sponsor contact but he enjoys coming to the shop to be put to work. He helps my father in the off season in the paint and body shop.  At the track his responsibilities include  helping Dan with tire pressures, changing tires and fueling the car.   My father, Richard, has taken over in the body shop. We do all our bodywork in house. He takes particular pride in the appearance of the cars and passes this pride along to the rest of the team. These are the people who contribute so much to Hoffman Auto Racing's success.

Rob Hoffman
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