Founded in 1929 by

August "Gus" Hoffman (Old Timer)
Inducted in the National Sprint Car Hall of Fame Class of "2000"
110 USAC Sanctioned National Wins - 11 Time USAC National Champions

"Meet the Crew"

Under his leadership the team has won an unprecedented 10 USAC National Sprint Car Championships and as of 17 June 2015, an unprecedented 90 National A main wins. Richard manages the team budget for the year to assure that we fulfill all of our commitments to the sponsors and drivers. After consulting with the team, Richard makes the final decision on the driver. He also has taken over the responsibility for the body shop. Richard has become a skilled painter and car appearance designer. All our work is done in house by Richard. We all take great pride in the appearance of our cars. Richard owns the Remax Results Plus real estate company in Milford Ohio. He has been involved in residential and commercial real estate development for many years. Richard and his wife Linda live in Loveland Ohio with their 4 legged children Cooper and Lexus. The Hoffman's enjoy a good bottle of wine and love to travel. Richard has two sons , Rob and Chris and 5 grandchildren. Richard enjoys riding his Harley with son Chris, Dan and Cowboy.
Richard's oldest son Rob is the engineer for the team. Rob has been a key element for the team in all the National Championships and wins. Rob is responsible for the set up of the car before we leave the shop. At the track, Rob oversees the final preparation of the car(s), assuring that each crew member understands his job. He also has the critical job of adjusting the car to keep up with the track. Part of this responsibility is the communication with the driver. This part of the "go fast" equation can not be overstated. After consultation with the driver, Richard and Dan, Rob makes the final decision. He has also become an expert on shocks. Using the team's shock dyno, Rob analyzes each shock and makes the appropriate adjustments for the track condition. Rob has been in the banking business for many years. He is currently the V.P. of Special Assets Management at The National Bank and Trust Company in Wilmington Ohio. Rob and his wife Laura live in Loveland Ohio with their 3 children , 2 dogs and a cat. Rob's son August(aka A.J.) is the 4th generation of Hoffman involved in the Team.
It is not an understatement to say that we could not compete at our current level without the talents and dedication of Dan. He is the only paid employee of Hoffman racing. Dan is a master fabricator and has become an expert in carbon fiber. He builds most of the body on the cars including many carbon fiber pieces. His responsibilities at the shop include preparation of the cars, ordering and inventorying all the parts, record keeping and maintenance of the cars and hauler. Dan keeps a calendar of day to day activity to assure all the tasks are accomplished prior to departure. Dan's organizational skills are amazing. Dan also updates Twitter and facebook “live” from the track when time permits. Dan hails from Iowa (even though he hates corn)where his parents and family still reside. The Launderville clan is a very close family. Dan's parents follow every race through the internet and are obviously very proud of their son. Dan attended the GM mechanics school and worked in a local dealership in Iowa before we were lucky enough to lure him away. Dan enjoys riding his Harley with other members of the Team.
Tim's responsibilities outside the shop are to procure and activate sponsorship, to be the contact person for the sponsors, write press releases, develop contacts with the media and oversee our web site, face book and twitter. He has also filmed and edited videos for placement on, Facebook and You Tube. At the shop Tim is responsible for dismounting/mounting the tires, to assure that the hauler is clean and inventoried for all spare parts and needed supplies, bleeding the brakes with Big Al and helping Dan wherever possible. At the track Tim's responsibilities include changing the tires, air pressures, assisting in fueling the car and helping where needed. Tim is retired after a 37 year career at The Procter&Gamble Company in sales and marketing management. He served 3 years on active duty in the US Army before starting his business career. Captain Waechter is a decorated combat veteran of Vietnam. Tim and his wife Diane (aka Mrs Mean Green) raised 3 beautiful daughters and now enjoy their 5 grandchildren and The Intruders(son-in-laws) as well. The Waechter's live on a horse farm in Goshen Township Ohio.
Al has the distinction of being friends with Richard for over 60 years. He is responsible for the building/repairing of the all important front ends for the cars and the braking systems. Al also does light machine work and is a master electrician. Whenever there is a mechanical problem at the shop, Big Al can fix it, he can do it all. Al also has the distinction of being the “Team Chef”. We work hard and eat well when Al is traveling with us. He is a master “Grill Man” with burgers, dogs, pork loin etc and also whips up some great hot dishes for those cold nights at the track. Al is the president and CEO of Janson electric. He is a master electrician. Al and Iona have a daughter and 2 grandchildren and live in Loveland Ohio. When not being harassed by his "little buddy" (Richard) , Al enjoys fishing and working around his property.
Richard's brother Tom is an invaluable member of the team. He makes sure we have the fuel required for the next race in the cars and hauler and shines them to look their best. At the track Tom refuels the cars. He also is the team's historian. Tom owns his own company in the construction and rehab business. Tom is a veteran of the US Navy. He and his wife Vicky live in Loveland and have a daughter and 3 grandchildren. Tom enjoys spending time at his farm when not working or racing.
August is the 4th generation of the Hoffman's involved in the team. August is Rob's son, Richard's grandson and Gus Hoffman's great grandson. He is a freshman at Cincinnati Moeller High School which is his primary job now. Whenever he can, he makes the race trips and does work at the shop and race track. He is an amazing mechanic for a young man. August is also the "partner" of Tim and Diane (Mrs. Mean Green) Waechter. August enjoys his friends and being a young man. He is working on his car that is awaiting his 15 1/2 year birthday. August also has a mini-motorcycle that is housed with the Harley's.
Our webmaster joined the team after meeting Richard on a flight back from Phoenix in 2001. Paul’s background in racing goes much further back then his computer days. He started as a crew member of several teams in his teens. Paul is self taught and has worked with Sarah Fisher and other drivers with their websites. “Our priority in regards to the web site is to keep it updated as frequently as possible with text, photos and videos.” Born and raised in Canton, Oh. Paul is a Vietnam Veteran and lives in Micco, Fl with wife Carol and has two children in Boston. "Racing was a big part of our family life, we would pack up the camper and and head out to Eldora, we rarely missed a 4-Crown." Son Terry is a Professor at Harvard Medical School but still finds time to fly in for a weekend of races with the Hoffman Team. "My son and I can be found on a Ocala golf course during the day while the team is at work, then head to the track to wrap up a perfect day."
Cowboy was a full time member of the team in past years and has since retired from full time racing. Now he does invaluable work for Dan. Cowboy makes trips in the Dakota to drop off/pick up motors and pick up parts, mostly in Indianapolis (just ask the Indiana State police). This frees up time for Dan to spend on the race cars at the shop. Cowboy is also the team comedian, keeping us in stitches. Cowboy lives in Loveland as well and enjoys his Harley rides and trips with Richard and Dan.


We have developed many relationships with racing fans over the years and we can’t over emphasize their importance. We are a unique team to have many fans that are second and third generation. It’s the fans job to share the joy of our success and help keep up our spirits when things are not going so well.

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