Founded in 1929 by

August "Gus" Hoffman (Old Timer)


The crew from the TV show "Real Racing" spent last night at the shop.  Scott Millsop and son Quinn took videos and interviewed Richard in preparation for several features that will be done on the Team in the upcoming months. The show airs on channel 23 in Indianapolis on Saturday and Sunday morning, and throughout Indiana. They took videos of Rob starting up the pavement Sprint Car in preparation for Nashville.  You will find a picture of Rob in the car attached.  Yes it took 10 minutes or so for Rob to squeeze in the car.  Thank God for the South Beach diet.  Tracy, sorry about your seat, it may need adjusting tomorrow.  Also you will find pictures of two of Rob's children, Lauren and AJ in the famous #7 midget owned by Old Timer, and now owned by Richard. This car has a storied history which will be featured in the show.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will race at Nashville tomorrow.  Thanks for your support of Hoffman Racing.

Tim Waechter
VP Marketing Hoffman Racing
The crew was busy last night, except for a birthday party.  Happy birthday to AJ Hoffman(Rob and Laura's youngest).  After the crew ate cake it was back to work.  The trailer is back from the paint shop and being decaled.  See the pictures attached.  The new paint scheme for the Twisters came out fantastic thanks to the hard work by Richard and the paint shop crew.  See the pictures attached.  Final prep was underway for Phoenix.  The trailer was being loaded.  The crew including Dan, Brian aka Dog, Big Al, and Cowboy will be on the way soon.  Look out if you are traveling West, the Hoffman crew is back on the road.  See you in Phoenix.  Thanks for supporting Hoffman Racing.

Progress continues at the race shop.  Activity was hot and heavy in both shops last night.  Rob and Dan were setting up the Silver Crown Car for Phoenix. The car was scaled, checked for cross weight etc.  Cowboy was in the middle of the work, it is good to see him back at the shop.  Larry Miller, President and CEO of Ham Signs graced us with his presence  .  Richard and his body shop staff, laid out the Twisters for painting of the body panels.  The new design for 2004 is a stunner. Richard, Dog, and Larry worked late into the night painting Twister body number one, now there are three more bodies to go.  The pictures are of the Twisters coming together, and Dan contemplating the first win at Eldora on 3 April.

      Progress continues at the shop as the season creeps up on all of us.  The Champ car is ready to go, all we need is decals.  The pavement sprint car is painted (pictures of hood and nose are posted), the engine is in the car (see picture) , the main work remaining is checking out the fuel system.  The Twisters are coming together (see pictures).  Bottom line, the pavement cars will be ready before we leave for Phoenix, and the dirt cars will be 80% ready.  Also, the trailer has been painted and re-decaled and looks great. Thanks to all the hard work from the entire Team.  


The body and paint shop was busy last night.  Larry , the master painter, Richard, Brian, Tim, Tommy, and Nick were all hard at work either painting or preparing Sprint Car body parts for painting(Cowboy also stopped by, but he was supervising only).  In the main shop Dan and Rob were busy fitting the new hoods to the Twisters(see picture).   Big Al was - well his was working in his corner.  The Champ Car is ready to hit the track.  Thanks for your support of Hoffman Racing.

Pictures include:  Larry and Brian in paint booth with  Sprint Car tail tanks, Twisters with hoods fitted, the Champ Car ready to go.


Photos from the Shop 1-25-04

The pictures are of the number 1 Twister with the new body panels and the new hood scoop.  A mold has been made of the hood, and it should be fitted on the car in the next few days.  The car with the painted frame is the Champ Car, coming together nicely.

Photos from the Shop 1-30-04

The picture shows that the motor is in the car, with front end ,rear end, air jacks etc. Notice the beautiful fuel tank in the background. The body as of last night is completely painted, and ready to be fitted to the car, and decaled.  Eric will be down soon to be fitted to the car.  The picture of the paint booth shows Richard, Brian, and Master Painter Larry working on the Silver Crown hood .  

The Sprint cars left this morning for frame painting.  Meanwhile the newly designed hood scoops are being turned out.  The pictures show Rob, Brian, and the Marketing guy (Tim) producing another hood scoop out of the beautifully crafted mold.  As you can see Dan was supervising the work, taking a well deserved break, and sipping on a hot cocoa.  

The remaining pictures are of BIG AL and his masterful work with the front ends.  As you can see Al has been very busy turning out the front ends.  Regardless of what Richard says, BIG AL works hard.  BIG AL has also spent time working on his favorite car- The Champ Car.  Just last night Tim helped Al bleed the brakes.  Rumor has it Al is heading to Phoenix this year.